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(co)Work From Home

We take care of your remote employees so you can focus on your business. 

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We Make Remote Teams Happy

Turn-Key Program

Weekly scheduled online events and virtual programs that your team will appreciate without killing productivity...the planning and executing is on us, not you.

Show Them You Care

We mail a monthly gift package to your team to provide a tactile experience that fills a critical gap in human happiness, including a monthly supply of craft coffee. 

Strength In Numbers

A powerful community of nearly 500 Founders, Makers, and Creatives is the catalyst for meaningful connection between your team and other incredible humans.

We provide the healthy remote culture, events, and perks that your team needs so you can focus on running your business. 

What's in a Monthly Membership?

We provide everything below to your full team for one low monthly price. No long term commitment.

Monthly Coffee

We'll keep your team stocked with a monthly mail drop of goodies! The most important being a supply of freshly roasted Wells Coffees. 

Weekly Wellness

Guided Meditation by industry experts, Yoga class led by a certified instructor, Diet and Wellness challenges. All provided weekly, virtually. 

Monthly Lunch

Included in your membership is an Uber Eats gift card and an invite to our Member Only lunch once per month. 

Thought Leading Events

We've partnered with global leaders like General Assembly, Techstars, StartUp Grind, and Endeavor to bring incredible virtual events to you. 

Slack Community

We've been building communities on slack for over five years, and your team will be invited to this member only community to connect with nearly 500 other inspiring humans. 

Party In A Bottle

A rotating cocktail mixer gets sent out along with scheduled Virtual Happy Hour opportunities for your team to relax after office hours. 

Content Portal

Member only video and content vault holding all of our content for on-demand learning. 

Skill Up

Match with a Mentor in one of our included Accelerator programs, or take advantage of your 30% discount on any General Assembly Bootcamp or Workshop. 

"With our team focused on assisting clients affected by COVID-19, the (co)Work From Home team has focused on serving us. From regular educational and social programming to forming a brain-trust with likeminded entrepreneurs, our team now has the support we need to thrive during these ever-changing times!"

Matt Rutter
Sales Director, Enspire

"After 10 years of learning the hard way how to build remote culture for my 20-person tech team, we're sharing the formula and combining it with the power of the General Provision community to create a happier teams for all remote companies.""

Timothy Hasse
Founder, (co)Work From Home

"Because of Covid-19, I quickly realized that our company wasn't ready for remote work. With (co)Work From Home, my employees stopped feeling like I threw them into the wild, and I have gained productivity knowing that they are happier.""

Jessica Landry
Co-Founder, Stealth Startup

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