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About Us

(co)Work From Home is an initiative launched by community work club, General Provision. 

Since 2014, General Provision has been driving community, entrepreneurship, and innovation in South Florida through one of a kind work spaces, curated events, and concierge service for the creative class. We are not just an office, we are not just a building. We're a work club connecting the ambitious.

GP's Founder, tech entrepreneur Timothy Hasse, has lead distributed teams since 2009. His software company was built as a "remote first" operation, and every decision that was made in building the company had to pass the test of "can this be done remotely?"  With offices in three cities and staff in 5 different markets, dissecting what keeps remote teams productive and happy has been a major part of Tim's professional energy. 

Through this experience, it remains our belief that humans need humans. In an era where remote work is accessible and attractive, we cannot replace the need to connect deeper than a Zoom meeting. (Co)Work From Home celebrates the timeless excitement of receiving an always changing package in the mail, with the thoughtful virtual programming that comes from years of partnerships and exploration in entrepreneurship.  

If you are a founder, maker, or creator, there is no better place to build than GP. Learn more about our company at



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